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Complete Minimum 15 Days To Double Your Earning By Playing and Participating Tasks

This is very useful site to earn money for everyone. You can earn money and gift vouchers for just spending 10- 15 minutes daily. You will be paid for watching ads, playing games, quiz contest, hourly lucky draw, HQC and bank balance too.

  • Rs. 200 signup bonus.
  • Rs. 50 for every friend joining.
  • Rs. 5 daily for activity bonus. (Daily Login to account and Check Inbox, View ads, Read positive news on the Earn Money Section)

Earn Rs. 1200.00 in a month Guaranteed by performing following activities on VBA:

 S.No Activity Monthly Reward Value (INR) Basis
1 Activity Bonus @Rs 5/- per day 150.00 Just view all the ads of view ads, see both the news,  play 25 quiz questions & fill min 1 form of My VBA Inbox
2 Number Game 150.00 Play as many times as you can in a day, till you get 500 points
3 HBNC 157.50 Play 10 times out of 24 times in a day and assuming that you win only 7 times. Get minimum 75 points* 7 times= 525 points
4 HQC 157.50 Play 10 times out of 24 times in a day and assuming that you win only 7 times. Get minimum 75 points* 7 times= 525 points
5 Play Quiz 60.00 Play 25 questions and get 10 points on each correct answer. Assuming 20 questions correct everyday 20*10= 200 points
6 Memory Game 15.00 Play memory Game to make spellings and get reward points every day. Assuming that you can get min 50 points per day.
7 VBA Inbox 300.00 Fill few forms& get min Rs 10.00 per day
8 Nifty 10.00 Predict Nifty Everyday and get reward points if you are correct. Assuming that in a month you can get min 1000 points with correct prediction.
9 Expand your Team 200.00 Add only 4 members every month and keep them active. You will get @ Rs 50.00 for the same.
Total 1200.00

You can also get the reward points from View ads based on your team size.

New members will get a joining bonus of Rs 200.00 over & above these 1200.00

So start doing the activities on VBA every day.

Learn, Earn & have Fun…………………

See Payment Proof  1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is only my 1/3 income, 2/3 income will be paid by gift vouchers.

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