Paid to click online jobs

Online Jobs of ads Clicking


EARN Rs. 50 ($1) TO Rs 100 ($2) DAILY

  • Join CLIXSENSE for free and earn upto Up To $0.2 Per Click and Up To $0.08 Per Referral Click.
  • Payments Via Check, Alertpay and PayPal.
  • Earn By wathcing ads.

CLIXSENSE is very old and trusted PTC site which pays for visiting the ad and also if you invite your friends then their earning commision will be paid to you. i have already earnd thousand of Rupees by the CLIXSENSE. uppose you refer only 10 member and Click some ads daily. Your daily earning is Approx. $0.15 and monthly earning is Approx. $5 as a Free Member. If you want earn more, Upgrade your account with $10 and earn $0.10 per referral and lots of ads daily. i.e. your monthly earning over $50.

Join for Free and earn $0.01 (Rs.0.50) per Advertisement View. Also earn $0.01 (Rs.0.50) per direct referral and 10% of your downline work. If any one of your direct referrals upgrade their account you get $2 (Rs.100) for every one of them.

Also you can upgrade your account for just Rs 750 ($ 15. If you upgrade your account the you will get more than 400 ads in you account to earn more money and hence you can earn more than Rs 200 ($4) every day. Fro every friend who sign up under you it mean if you will refer him directly then you will get Rs 10 for each member and if he upgrades their account then you can get Rs 100 ($2) directly. Also if your referrer refer someone then also you can earn Rs. 50 ($1) for that.

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