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How to get free Backlinks

Get-free-backlinkI have seen thousands of people who ask me to do registration on their referral link, visit their website, and click on their links, to get free traffic, promote their product, or to earn money by getting free registration. But this is not easy job, because it is not effective way to get free traffic, and also it is very time consuming. You have to be online to get traffic on your referral links or on your Web Pages.

So the question is that, how to get free traffic? And the answer is backlinks….

Yes, Backlinks are one of the best ways to generate traffic on your website. Backlink are also known as incoming link, inbound link, inlink, or inward link. These are incoming links to a webpage or a website. It helps you to increase the rank of your web pages and website. Search engines often use number of backlink to determine the ranking of website or webpage.

 It can help you to promote your Web Pages  product or referral effectively. But it is very hard task to get backlink for your website. Because no one will get ready to give you backlink on his website without any proper reason.  So how to get free backlink? There are many popular ways to do this job let see how to do this…

  1. Article submission of article directories: Article submission on article directory websites are one of the best and effective ways to increase your ranking and get free backlink. This is the genuine method to get free backlink, where you have to write an article about your product, or about your program, about your website or anything you want to promote, and you can submit it to several of free article directories. There are millions of websites available on the internet which allows you to submit article in free. Artile716 is one of them; I used mostly to submit my article. Because it allows submitting 2 links with each article, it means 2 backlinks with every article, its fast and free just register free and do that. It will rapidly help you to increase your rank, get free traffic and generate revenue.
  2. Post free ads: Posting free advertisements about your website in many free classified website can help you to get free traffic and backlink on your website. There are many website available on the internet which allows you to post multiple ads on their website. You can search these sites buy just typing “Free classified websites”. On any search engine. Some of website allows you to post ads without any registration, and in some of website you have to register yourself first time. So start posting ads about your website or Web Pages and get free backlink.
  3. Posting comment: Many online forums and websites allow you to post comment on their Web Pages  There is a Column to fill your website name, simply just fill that. Write your website name or referral link inside the column. Each time a good feedback or good comment or question will help you to get a free backlink. So it will help you to get free backlink. But do not use this method all time, because bulk comment posting (Posting several comment regularly)will give a bad impression, and search engines can restrict your website, or it can ban your website from search engine indexing, and it will decrease ranking and traffic on your website. So do not use this method regularly.
  4. Answering the questions: By answering the question on many forums is another good method to get free backlink for your website. You can post your answer into many of Q&A forums, question and answer website and attach your website link. It will help you to grow your page rank. People often search answers into many web forums and websites of their question and reach to that pages and click on the referral links. So this is a very good method to get free backlink and increase traffic.
  5. Social networking Sites: Mostly every internet user has a social networking site profile. You can enclose your website or webpage link in your profile page. This in not more effective way but it will work like a backlink for your website or webpage, and if you are popular or you have a big network then you will sure get possible maximum traffic, and a free backlink. So do this to get a free backlink.
  6. Google + and Facebook: There is a new trend to like or share contents in social networking websites, and this is another popular way to get free traffic. But now in these days the links posted or shared in Google + or in face book timeline or pages are calculated as a backlink. You can create a profile page for your website or webpage it will help you to get more audience. Hence you can share your website or webpage link into social networking websites it will help you to get incoming backlink and increase traffic to your website.

So these are some popular ways to get free backlinks and generate traffic to your website or referral links. It will 100% help you to get higher traffics and generate maximum revenues.