How to make money on facebook and twitter

Facebook and twitter are the biggest social networking websites. There are Millions and

trillions of regular user of these sites. We are using these sites just for fun, chatting with friends, sharing information, uploading videos, images and other social activities. But what about to generate income using these social networking sites. Yes!!!! There is an wonderful platform to earn money on Facebook and twitter. IZEA launched a very easy and popular venture to earn money using both of these websites. simply you have to follow these simple steps to generate income on Facebook and twitter : (Upload videos and images and Make money on Facebook and twitter)

  1. Signup on website. (Its 100% free)
  2. Now Click on the link at the top of the bar to create new post.
  3. Add images or video.
  4. Add your message with the post.
  5. Share your message.
  6. That’s it, now be ready to get paid for each view.
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Please watch this video for more details:


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