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Best affiliate Program to make moneyBest Affiliate Programs

The Top Affiliate Network to Make Money

Dear friends affiliate marketing is the best way to generate extra income from your home. Many companies and websites offers very high payout rates for selling or promoting their your products. You can make upto $10000 = Approx Rs. 680000 from a single sale, so it is one of the best way to make money online. You can simply Sign up to sell or promote their products as a seller or as a publisher. Once you have joined the programs you can start earning.

Various types of companies or websites offers different types of affiliates programs like putting tags or advertisements on your website or on your blog, or you can join the product selling website which offer to sell their products on your website and they give you very good commission for this work. So today i am going you to discuss about some of websites which offers the best affiliate programs to earn heavy commission just from start putting ads or promoting their products online.

  • RevenueHits: RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with extra earning by using state of the art Contextual & amp  Geo targeted Ad Serving technology. You can earn upto $100 for every new referral under the publisher category which sign up using you referral link. You can add referral banner into your site, invite friends by email , or share your referral link on various social networking websites. You can earn $10 for each publisher which referred by you and when he earn $50 you will receive extra $40 as a referral commission. When your referred Publisher completes his $100 earning you will get Extra $50 commission. Hence You can make $100 commission from a single Referral. So don’t wait Click Here to Join the Program Now and start Earning.
  • is another good program to make money from home, if you have a website or blog. You can make money by simply monetizing your links available on your website , a short 20-30 seconds ads will be shown before each links open, and every click will give you extra money. You can use a advance control panel for advertising on your website or blog, like web analytics, mass shrinker, website entry scripts, wordpress widgets and many more tools to make money. You can also join the referral program to make extra money. By promoting their publisher referral program you can earn upto 20% commission from  your referral for whole like of their earnings. So it will allow you to make extra money faster and faster. So if you want to join the program Click Here.
  • Chitika : Chitika & Revenuehits are the best alternate of the the Google Adsense, which allows the website or blog owners to make money through their websites by using their Publisher and referral program. You can put the advertisement code on your website of blog and each click will help you to ear money on your website or blog. It also offer the publisher referral program ,which help you to earn 10% commission of their (Publisher Referred by you) revenue for the first 10 months, so you will be able to grow your earning rapidly. You can Join this Program by Clicking Here.

For more best affiliate programs continue reading this Post.

Get Paid to Surf Website, Earn Money from Home

Get Paid to Surf WebsiteMake Money by Website Surfing

Today we are going to describe here how we can make money by website surfing. Yes this is true. There are a lots of websites available on the internet which pays for website surfing. You have just sign up in free and start surfing to get paid. This is a very simple and 100% genuine program to earn money while your surfing. Just create a free account to join the program You can also Click Here to create your free account.

Now when you have signed up for the program, you have to login and open your dashboard. You will find an option for “Surf and Earn”. These are paid to click links. So now get ready to earn money. Click on there Surf and earn links, or click on the surf and earn option. Now each time you surf the website your account will be credited with the reward amount. That’s it.

Now When your account balance will reach a minimum withdrawal amount you can withdraw your account by Paypal. if You don’t have a Paypal account Click Here to make your Paypal account.

You can also Join the affiliate program to multiply your earning. You have to just find your affiliate link if available with the program and Share this link to invite your friend now each time when your friends Join this program using your link you will get some Percentage of their earning.

So best of Luck and Happy Earning. Click Here to Join the Program.

Make Money by Showing ads on Mobile

Monetize your mobile traffic on mobileMonetize your web traffic on mobile

Yes you can make money if you have a website of blog, by showing ads on your website by the mobile traffic. You have to simply Monetize your web traffic on mobile. You can earn Highest for your mobile web. You have to simply for the adsoptimal program and after the registration, simply put the ads on your website, by copying and pasting the ads on your website or blog. Then each time people click on your ads you will be get paid for each click. You can also join as a premium member for this program. There are simple steps to join this:

  • Click Here to Join now.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Add you website where you want to put ads.
  • Copy the code and put this code on your website or blog.
  • That’s it now each click will generate revenue for you.

You can also join the affiliate program, which will allow you to generate extra income for you. You will be able to earn upto 10% commission from your referrals. Simply Copy and Promote your referral link to get site owners for Signup.

Make Money from Website or Blog by Pay Per Click Program

Make Money from Website / Blog in Free

Make Money with Pay Per Click Program

make money at homeHere we are going to discuss a new way to make money with your website or blog. Yes!! if you have a website or blog then you can make money from it. There are various of webmasters program available which gives you an opportunity to make money from your website or blog. You have to simply join these websites in free as a publisher and copy there advertisement codes and paste on your website where you want to show ads and that’s it, and now each time peoples click on these ads you will be get paid for every click. Bidvertiser is a very good platform, where you can make money by joining Pay per Click Programs, you have to simply join this program in free and add your website or blog in the publisher center, now copy and paste the ad code on your website, now every click will give you money, and yes if you don’t have a website, then you can make a free blog with the help of blogger it will help you to make money from you blog.

The another good part of this program is that you can refer your friends to join this program, and you will also be get paid some of commission from their earning. So just Simply join this program and start earning in free. So if you want to join this program click on the link.

Click Here to Join now & Make money from your Website or Blog

You can also use Bidvertiser to promote your website or blog Simply join it as a Advertiser.
Get $20 in FREE Clicks to Advertise Here!

Payment Gateway, Make Money at Egopay, E Currency System

Egopay Referral ProgramEgoPay Payment Gateway, Send / Receive Money and Earn Commission

Egopay is an another smart payment processor, to withdraw your earning, which allow you to purchase and sell products using their payment gateway. You can use Egopay as an alternate of Paypal and Payza. Egopay allow customers a simple and smart account setup, and hassle free services. The benefits of using Egopay payment gateway are:

  • Instant Transaction
  • Safe online environment
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Easy to deposit and withdraw
  • Make Money using Referral System

Yes you can also make money at Egopay, by becoming an affiliate you can earn a good commission for referring peoples. Its 100% Free to join. See the commission Chart below:

Click Here to Join The Referral Program 

Amount of Referral Payments

 All transactions from 1st Level Referrals 2nd Level Referrals
* Payments received 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Mass payment received 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Merchant payment received 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Payment received from Merchant 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Express payment received 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Deposit from Payza 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee
* Deposit to Payza 10% of any fee of the referred user’s transactions 5% of any transaction fee

To become a referral , Join the Egopay Referral Program in Free and then click PROFILE tab in your EgoPay account on the EgoPay website and then click Referral tab. After that, copy the link along with your referral code and provide it to your referrals. For example, if your referral link is then you should copy and provide it as it is. If you weren’t referred by anyone but you want someone to receive the referral commissions from you, you will need to click PROFILE tab in your EgoPay account on the EgoPay website and then click your details tab. The next step for your referral is to enter the provided end of your referral link to the required blank: Referral link and Save changes.