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This is a very popular platform to make money by sharing images and videos. Daily we upload hundreds and thousands of images and videos on social networking sites and other places and share regularly. So simply here you have to upload images/ videos, share them and earn money when people watch them. Each time when people see the images you will be get paid for them. You have to simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account.
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facebook fans logo, like facebook page and earn money, make money at facebookThis is one of the easiest way to earn money at facebook it means you have not to do more work on internet. you have to just signup in free and get ready to earn money. Simply click on the like button of facebook page, and you will be get paid each time to like a page. You can also increase the fans of facebook page.

You can make more money for referring your friends. Each time when a use join the program using your referral link, you will get 15% commission of his earning for lifetime.


You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission.The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission.

Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR!

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How to make money online with Paypal

Earn $ 1000 with paypalPaypal is the first world’s most popular payment processor, which is used to send and receive money directly to your bank account, with the use of just an email id. It means if once you have signed up with Paypal then you are now ready to send and receive money all over the world.

But Paypal gives you an opportunity to earn money within all these facility. It means you can make money by Paypal by using merchant service. You can earn up to $ 1000 for each friend. It means if any one signed up with your referral link and he opens a business account then you will be able to earn commission for their merchant services and it is approx $1000. So don’t be late join Paypal today and make money with it.

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Make money online free daily and get paid every day

The new program is introduced to generate income from several of ways on internet which can help you to grow your income  and you will be get paid daily. There are different of ways where you can earn money by them such as:

  1. Get paid to complete  daily cash surveys.
  2. Get paid to complete free offers.
  3. Make money by referring friends and earn 25 %commission.
  4. Earn prizes by winning weekly and monthly contests.

You will be get paid on daily basis directly to your account.

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Earn money online by Blog Writing

If you are an active writer of blog or if you are interested in content writing then, you can simply make money by your blog or from your content. You have to just simply signup with the given program and you will be able to generate income from your blog or website. There are some simple steps given to learn how to make money from your blog or website:

  1. Signup in free with the given link below.
  2. After joining the program, click on the tools link at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the Full page script at the left side of the website.
  4. Now copy the full page script.
  5. Open your blog or website and add this Script on your blog or Website.

That’s it. Now each link will be converted with the adfly program and a small advertisement will be shown at the top of the webpage or your blog for a few second and when people skip or close the advertisement you will be get paid each time. Also if you want to make more money you add website entry script to your blog or your website and now each time when people will be enter on your website or blog you will be get paid for each visitor. You can also refer your friends and more peoples to increase your earning.

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